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Grýla Killa

What’s red and dances all around?❄ The answer is not Grýla, but she would surely take an interest. Krampus came and went, but that doesn’t mean we are safe from Christmas related devilry. Grýla is another one of those awesome … Continue reading

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I’m trying to formulate my opinion of The Descent 2, but that opinion is eluding me so I have moved on until I can get it together….maybe later tonight.  I have also found myself in a morass of work, essential … Continue reading

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Peas off!

You’ve probably heard some variant of this horror story.  Man consumes seed, seed sprouts inside his body.  Awfulness ensues. This dude in Massachusetts actually had it happen. A pea sprouted in his lung.  Doctors speculate that the man had eaten … Continue reading

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