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It’s in the Water

Someone snapped a photo of the Lake Windermere sea serpent, Bow-Nessie. The photo is the usual blur.  You can clearly tell that there was a body of water, perhaps some islands in the background (or perhaps a ghostly war ship, … Continue reading

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More Sea Serpent, please

What’s that Oliver, you would like some more?  Certainly, have a little sea serpent, lutefisk style.  And don’t you make that face! According to my Google translation of this news item, these pictures are purported by the local mayor to … Continue reading

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A cad will be revealed…one way or another

I just got around to reading this Cryptomundo post.  (I told you I’m super-duper busy!) The story has all the hallmarks of crypto cliché. Alleged video unconfirmed by any unbiased or non-sympathetic third party Unnamed videographer Promotion of a big … Continue reading

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Look Ma! Sea serpent…or something

The Daily Mail has a report of a “mystery sea creature”.  As usual, the pictures are no help.  The reported “creature” was seen 30 yards off the coast.  The sighting occurred at 3:30 pm. The photographer saw the “creature” 20 … Continue reading

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