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Squatched him? I bearly saw him!

If you haven’t noticed, fringe subjects haven’t been very fringe for a while.  Not that anyone won’t give you some glaring side-eye if you start regaling them with tales of your haunted cable box or your experiences with randy alien … Continue reading

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I Have The Same Problem, Harry

Don’t worry, buddy.  Everyone will know it’s you.  Sadly, they will assume my blurry profile picture is you too.  Proof positive that I am a squatch, you see.  Because squatches do that.  The evidence is overwhelming.

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Bigfoot Denied Safe Haven in NY while $10 Million Bounty Exists!

How’s that for a headline? According to the Center for Biological Diversity’s weekly digital newsletter Endangered Earth Online, a request was made to New York state’s Department of Environmental Conservation on the Squatch’s behalf (see a copy of the rejection … Continue reading

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