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Bloody Mary, say it like you mean it – shaken, not stirred

Once again, I’m not going to watch any of the Friday the 13th movies just because it’s Friday the 13th.  Probably.  Don’t judge me. What I did was give some thought to superstition and then watch Urban Legends: Bloody Mary … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, again, and it’s the 13th

This happens all the time.  We’re lucky it does.  It gives everyone a reason to think about all the silly things people think about when a Friday occurs on the thirteenth day of a month. It’s special, but not that … Continue reading

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Happy 13th of Friday folks! Keep your rabbits’ feetsies handy.

The third Friday the 13th of the year.  Lucky us! I should celebrate by watching Friday the 13th Part 3, the original final chapter that didn’t manage to end it all.  This bad boy knocked ET from the top of … Continue reading

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Yup, it’s Friday the 13th and Rebecca Black, Jason Voorhees and Deebo from that Ice Cube movie are looking to hunt you down and make it a day you won’t forget. Chaucer mentioned Friday as a day when the shit hits … Continue reading

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