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Run, run, run and don’t look back

Zombies. They never seem to go away. There’s a new iPhone app that combines running and zombies.  Two things I tolerate. I don’t actually bring a device with me when I run, but I know tons of folks do.  I do have … Continue reading

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15 Seconds of Horror

Instagram allows for 15-second video clips. Sounds like horror, certainly.  Fifteen-second snippets of daily life. Morning traffic.  Waiting in line for coffee or smokes.  That woman panhandling on the corner.  That guy’s stank armpit hovering over you while you’re packed … Continue reading

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I’m Not Lion

I’ve been mulling over some thoughts in my head these last few days.  I haven’t been sure how to formulate any of them into something sensible.  I wasn’t sure if I would end up putting them down at all; and, … Continue reading

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Not so wily

A coyote managed to get itself stuck between a rock and a hard place.  In this case, jumping off a bridge or running through traffic. The animal got itself in a pickle at the south end of Lincoln Park.  He … Continue reading

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Helloooooo, I’ve made it to 1928. Please send cookies. STOP

So….man needing to promote himself and his film work finds evidence of time traveler in his Charlie Chaplin box set.  YouTube happens.  The Interzone is thrilled to again have something to argue about. This is one of those new things. … Continue reading

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