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The Scariest Thing About Paranormal Activity 3 (and Other Movie Trailer Madness)

….is that it exists at all. They really went and made a Paranormal Activity 3.  Look, I get it, it’s easy money.  They are in the business of business.  All that jazz. This is the way of things. But really, … Continue reading

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Pioneers of the Post A: A Zombie Blogwalk Post

Once again, there is a plethora of zombie whitsits and whatsats for you to peruse. Check out my page for the full list of participants.  Make sure to check them all out after you read my little verbal zombie fantasies. … Continue reading

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Zombie Awareness Month

Who knew? There’s plenty of time left for me to do something zombie-ish. I was thinking of watching Mutant or Death Warmed Up, but I am feeling really hungry…. Related articles How To Survive A Zombie Attack (huffingtonpost.com) Know Your Zombies … Continue reading

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Here There Be Zombies

Been feeling a little peckish. So hungry. I can’t believe I ate a double quarter pounder. Haven’t eaten meat in almost three years. I just really craved something substantial and it is so easy to hit that drive through. I … Continue reading

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