What IF?

The IF virtual space will be home to opinions on everything the author finds fringe-worthy or interesting.  IF will delve into topics of interest to the author; primarily Science, Paranormality, and Universal Absurdity….with a smattering of related discussion on Films and Literature.

It is entirely possible that the author might deviate from time to time.  This is the way of the world.  You will handle off-topic discussion with aplomb as only you, the Reader, can.

There is no agenda here.  The author would not be classified as a Believer or full-blown Skeptic, merely a curious person with interests tending toward odd.

Discussion is encouraged, but not required.  If you feel compelled, your comments will be unmoderated….unless you are identified as a spammer.  Spammer classification will be determined using the tried-and-true method known as Following The Author’s Gut Instinct [FTAGI].


Note for the Easily Aggravated:  I tend to be pretty carefree in my treatment of spoilers.  I really don’t care to muzzle myself because you, dear reader, haven’t seen The Movie.  However, the good news is that I almost never see a movie until well past the spoilage date for most people.


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