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Evidence of possible alien Atlantean ghost god entity captured on video

Or it’s a bear. OK, it’s a freaking bear. Can you douchey news outlets stop with the bullshit and the clickbait headlines? Yeah, I didn’t think you could, but I thought it was my duty to ask. The US Fish … Continue reading

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Alien Fish Navy Horde caught spying in the South China Sea

How do I know that’s what happened?  Because why not.  There is no other plausible explanation. Also, I read this article in The Mirror, “Angler stunned after hooking rare unidentified fish in South China Sea near Malaysia” An angler has … Continue reading

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Squatched him? I bearly saw him!

If you haven’t noticed, fringe subjects haven’t been very fringe for a while.  Not that anyone won’t give you some glaring side-eye if you start regaling them with tales of your haunted cable box or your experiences with randy alien … Continue reading

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Stick Figures Return from the Dead

The numbers are in and they are encouraging. From nothing, the huge Lord Howe Island stick insect, Dryococelus australis, has risen back up to a bit more than nothing. Lord Howe Island is a small island about 600 kilometers off the East … Continue reading

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I Have The Same Problem, Harry

Don’t worry, buddy.  Everyone will know it’s you.  Sadly, they will assume my blurry profile picture is you too.  Proof positive that I am a squatch, you see.  Because squatches do that.  The evidence is overwhelming.

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I’m Not Lion

I’ve been mulling over some thoughts in my head these last few days.  I haven’t been sure how to formulate any of them into something sensible.  I wasn’t sure if I would end up putting them down at all; and, … Continue reading

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Enter, If You Dare, The Unicorn’s Lair

North Korea‘s search for Truth unearthed a unicorn lair. The discovery of the site, it concluded, “proves that Pyongyang was a capital city of ancient Korea.” North Korea has always argued that Pyongyang, and not South Korea’s Seoul, is the … Continue reading

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Bigfoot Denied Safe Haven in NY while $10 Million Bounty Exists!

How’s that for a headline? According to the Center for Biological Diversity’s weekly digital newsletter Endangered Earth Online, a request was made to New York state’s Department of Environmental Conservation on the Squatch’s behalf (see a copy of the rejection … Continue reading

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Squatchy Morns

Early morning this week, the dog and I stumbled on this. Note the large timber.  The clear indications of non-natural construction. I bet you know what we were thinking.

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Back from the Woods: Squatchy as Hell

Just because I was silent, doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention. I have been out about the riverlands and the woods, but that wasn’t keeping me from writing. No, I have been truly and utterly flabbergasted by the various shows. … Continue reading

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