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Squatched him? I bearly saw him!

If you haven’t noticed, fringe subjects haven’t been very fringe for a while.  Not that anyone won’t give you some glaring side-eye if you start regaling them with tales of your haunted cable box or your experiences with randy alien … Continue reading

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I Have The Same Problem, Harry

Don’t worry, buddy.  Everyone will know it’s you.  Sadly, they will assume my blurry profile picture is you too.  Proof positive that I am a squatch, you see.  Because squatches do that.  The evidence is overwhelming.

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Summer Rutting

This is the time when Sasquatch’s biggest fans come out and butt heads over perceived slights and real insanity.  This is accomplished primarily through incoherent roaring and unwarranted braggadocio.  Who among us would deny them their rites of spring! Knock, Knock!  Here’s … Continue reading

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More BS

Blobsquatch. There is some video of a potential squatch on the McKenzie River in Oregon.  It’s not even new (shot in 2008), but is popping up around the I-zone. Fortunately, I don’t have to do anything.  GhostTheory did it for … Continue reading

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