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Meteor Wave

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is happening.  I probably won’t see any of it. Clouds and rain and a host of light pollution are working against me. Every meteor shower in recent memory seems to have been obscured by clouds … Continue reading

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Orionids coming ’round again

The Orionids are another gift from Halley’s Comet (also the Eta Aquarids in May). Peaking the morning of Thursday, October 21 at 1o AM. A full moon on the 22nd will make this one difficult for viewers.  However, look toward … Continue reading

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Shower Pics

Yes! Shower porn!  Meteor shower, that is. Flickr group of meteor shower photos. Some really impressive shots.

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Upon his death, he was made immortal and put among the stars

The Perseid meteor shower is off to a good start this year. The shower peaks at 50-80 meteors per hour on Aug 12/13.  The new moon will have just passed, so the lighting will be good for viewing during the … Continue reading

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Aural Space

Check out SomaFM’s Mission Control channel.  “Live and historic NASA mission audio mixed with electronic ambient.” If you’re really feeling trippy, you can listen to Space Weather Radio.  “The Air Force Space Surveillance Radar is scanning the skies above Texas. … Continue reading

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